• New tool: Delete Empty Folders. This tool deletes recursively all the empty subfolders that the selected folder contains.
  • Improved Size of Folders: your can see the top file list in order of size.
  • Improved Calculate and Verify Checksums: now you can save all the checksums in an only file and verify the checksums from an only checksum file. The checksum file now have a format compatible with third-party checksum apps.
  • Improved Copy Internet Path: now you can specify the schema (http, ftp, etc.) and the hostname, and replace the base folder with other base folder in the server.
  • Fixed bug in custom commands: the variables TARGET... did not work correctly with shortcuts.
  • Fixed bug in Change Time: in summertime the file time was changed with a delay of one hour.
  • Fixed bug in Attributes: show/hide hidden files did not work correctly.
  • Fixed bug in Send to Mail Recipient: did not work with 64bit systems.


  • Now the windows displayed by the FMT commands are not modals, so your can continue using the Windows Explorer.
  • Size of Folders: improved the appearance of the pie chart.
  • Size of Folders: now ignores the symbolic links, because they does not take space in the hard disk.
  • Fixed bug in Size of Folders: by default the width of column "Files" was 0, and therefore this column could not be visible. If you now cannot see the column "Files", then you must increment manually the width by dragging the last separator with the mouse pointer. From this moment the new width will be saved.
  • Fixed bug in Attributes: show/hide the hidden files did not work on Windows XP.
  • Fixed bug in Advanced Renamer: when specifing the time in regular expressions, only the time of the first file was used for all files.
  • Fixed bug: The windows of both Calculate Checksum and Size of Folders cannot be closed with ESC key.


  • Copy Content: now it works with multiple files at once.
  • Fixed bug: on both Windows 7 and Windows Vista the commands did not work with more than 16 files selected in Windows Explorer when the visual styles are disabled.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  •  Added support to run FileMenu Tools from portable devices. You can download FileMenu Tools Portable from the download page. From the FileMenu Tools configurator you can export the settings to a INI file into the folder where FileMenu Tools Portable is installed, so you can use FileMenu Tools Portable with your current settings. You must copy the INI file to a file named "settings.ini" into the folder "[drive]\PortableApps\FileMenuTools\Data". FileMenu Tools Portable is compatible with both launchers PortableApps.com and CodySafe, and therefore FileMenu Tools will be displayed automatically in the app listing in these launchers.
  • Added new utility: Unpack Folder. This utility moves all the elements into the selected folders to the parent folder, and deletes these empty folders.
  • Added a new property for all the commands: Modifier Key. This property is available for all the commands (both built-in commands and custom commands). With this property you can set a modifier key for the command, and the command only will be showed in the context menu if this key is pressed while the menu is displaying. So you can assign a key for less commonly used commands, and by default the context menu displays only frequently used commands. The key can be any of the following: SHIFT, CONTROL, or WINDOWS. If you set this property to "None" (default), then the command always will be displayed in the context menu.
  • Added a new variable for custom commands: %PARENTPATH%. This variable is the parent folder path which is common to all the selected elements. The variable %FOLDERPATH% now is the selected folder path, if only a element is selected and is a folder, else is equal to %PARENTPATH% (common parent path).
  • Minor bug fixes.