Do you want to have complete control of your personal finances? With Evermoney you can track and manage your incomes and expenses, and so you can control how much you spend on each thing. You just need to add the transactions of incomes and expenses, and let the application do the rest. You can do manage your bank accounts, make advanced searches, and get reports and statistics at any time interval.

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  • Clear interface with Material Design UI and adapted for both phones and tablets (7", 8" & 10").

  • Three types of transactions: income, expenses and transfers between accounts.

  • Manage your accounts and transactions for each account. Assign an icon and color to easily identify each account (50 different icons to choose from).

  • Manage categories for transactions. Assign an icon and color to each category to easily identify transactions (200 different icons to choose from). Multiple predefined categories.

  • Calculate the total balance and the balance of each account.

  • Three types of reports and statistics in a given range:
    • Income and expenses in a given period by months, quarters or years.
    • Incomes and expenses by category.
    • Evolution of the total balance and the balance of each account
  • Advanced search for transactions (search by accounts, categories, title, and period).

  • Recurring transactions. Mark a transaction as recurring and automatically a new transaction of the same type at certain intervals will be added (eg every month).

  • Set monthly budgets for each account. Define the limit of the monthly budget and you will see at any time the amount left to exceed the limit.

  • Backup the database in the device memory or in the cloud (via Google Drive).

  • Sync the database between multiple devices via Google Drive. The synchronization can be either manually or automatically.