• Fixed bug: the custom commands with empty aguments was not run correctly with all selected file paths.


  • The profiles window can be resized.
  • Fixed the following bugs:
    • When disabling FMT and enabling it again, the FMT commands was not displayed in the context menu.
    • Crash in Shred Files when deleting into empty folders.
    • Advanced Renamer: only 15 characters could be used in the text box of the basic options.
    • Organize Into Folders: sometimes the OK button was not enabled.
    • Organize Into Folders: recursive mode was not working correctly.
    • Change File Time: the last modified time of the selected file was not filled properly.
    • The %TEMPFILEPATHS% and %TEMPFILENAMES% variables did not working.
    • Portable version: when updating to a new version, the standard installer was used instead of portable installer.


  • Added new tool: Organize Into Folders. This tool allows you to organize the selected files by coping (or moving) them to new folders following certain rules. 
  • Custom commands: added the ability to specify exclusion folders, so the command will be not displayed in context menu if some of these folders is selected.
  • Custom commands: added option to not show the command if a system folder is selected (Desktop folder, C:\Windows, C:\Program Files, etc.)
  • Copy/Move Custom command: added new settings: "Overwrite" and "Open target folder"
  • Advanced Renamer: added a drop down list to the edit box of Basic options with the recently used strings.
  • Improved the profile management in Advanced Renamer and Find and Replace.
  • Delete Empty Folders: added two buttons: "Select All" and "Select None"
  • Change Time: sometimes did not set the right time when the system time was in daylight time and the file time was not in daylight time and viceversa.
  • Fixed some bugs.


  • Added new property in the configuration of the commands to sort the files before passing them to the command. They can be sorted by name, by extension, by creation time, by modification time and by file size. This property can be set to all commands, both custom commands and built-in commands.
  • New command: Join folders. This command moves the contents of all selected folders into a new folder.
  • New command: Encrypt Files. This command allows you to encrypt the selected files using a password. The encryption algorithm is AES of 256 bits. The .enc extension is added to the encrypted file and for this type of file a new command will be displayed in the menu named Decrypt File, which allows you to decrypt the file by entering the same password previously used to encrypt it.
  • Change Time: added the ability to fill in the date and time from different sources: from a file in disk, from the earliest time of the selected files, from the oldest time of the selected files.
  • Size of Folders: shows total number of folders.
  • Custom commands: you can configure both the minimum and maximum number of files that must be selected in order for the command to be displayed in the menu.
  • Minor bug fixes.