• Custom commands: you can add wildcard characters (* and ?) in "Element Types/Files/Extensions" property.
  • Fixed bug in custom commands: the "Element Types/Folders/Specific Folders/Include child folders" property was not saved.
  • Fixed bug in rename custom commands: if a default profile was set, then the configured profile in the custom command was not loaded.
  • Fixed bug in "Copy to..." and "Move to...": part of the "OK" button in the window was hidden by another control.
  • Fixed bug: the Export & Import Settings function was not working correctly. If you have created a backup of the settings, then you need to export again the configuration in order to import it correctly in the future.
  • Fixed minor bugs.


  • Improved the profiles window. You can set the default profile, and this profile will be loaded automatically. Added hotkeys (Enter to load selected profile, Ctrl + S to save a new profile, Del key to delete the selected profile, F2 to rename the selected profile and F12 to set the default profile).
  • Fixed bug in Advanced Renamer: the preview was not updated when changing the text field in basic options.
  • Fixed bug in Shred Files: the empty folders were not deleted.
  • Fixed bug: the combo boxes in properties panel were not displayed correctly in secondary monitor.
  • Fixed bug: the window to select the icon in custom commands didn't work.
  • Fixed minor bugs.


  • Fixed bug: the custom commands with empty aguments was not run correctly with all selected file paths.


  • The profiles window can be resized.
  • Fixed the following bugs:
    • When disabling FMT and enabling it again, the FMT commands was not displayed in the context menu.
    • Crash in Shred Files when deleting into empty folders.
    • Advanced Renamer: only 15 characters could be used in the text box of the basic options.
    • Organize Into Folders: sometimes the OK button was not enabled.
    • Organize Into Folders: recursive mode was not working correctly.
    • Change File Time: the last modified time of the selected file was not filled properly.
    • The %TEMPFILEPATHS% and %TEMPFILENAMES% variables did not working.
    • Portable version: when updating to a new version, the standard installer was used instead of portable installer.